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Available in two colors

A brand new way to interact with a brand new take on a clock.

Wave Hello

Oboo features a front facing gesture sensor, providing an intuitive and natural way to use your smart device.

Wave left, right, up, and down to control your Oboo.

A Touch of Light

The top of the Oboo features a Touch Pad that replaces the need for physical buttons. An animated, full color light bar is integrated into the touch pad to provide context and light up your space.

Dynamic Buttons 

When your Oboo needs multiple inputs, the Touch Pad automatically becomes four discrete buttons.

The functionality of the buttons is contextual and depends on what you’re trying to do. Each button is color matched to actions displayed on the screen.


At any time, use the touch pad as slider to adjust the volume of your Oboo.

Alarm Button 

When the alarm is going off and it’s time to get up, the entire touch pad acts as a single button: the off button.


The touch pad works double-duty as a touch input surface as well as a light source for your space.

The night light will turn on automatically when your Oboo clock detects that you’re ready for bed and have turned off the lights. Wave goodnight to turn the night light off.

A wave during the night will turn it on to gently illuminate the room, making it easy to get around.

How an IoT device should be: practical and easy to use.


Everything you need for your day is available at a glance. Oboo grabs real-time data from the internet and displays what you need to know in a series of cards.

Included Cards with Oboo’s launch software:

  • Weather
  • Calendar
  • Traffic Info
  • Timer
  • Music

More Cards to come!


Oboo is always connected thanks to its built-in WiFi. That’s how it can get the most up to date weather and traffic data from trusted online sources as well as grab events from your calendar.

It is because of this constant internet connection that you can use the Oboo app to control your clock from anywhere and everywhere.

Oboo uses the surrounding WiFi network data to find it’s current location.

Music ♫

Wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device within a 50-foot range to stream your favorite tunes on Oboo’s high quality speakers.

Keep the tunes pumping wherever you go! The built-in battery makes your Oboo a 100% portable, totally wireless speaker.

Supports Bluetooth 4.2


Use the two fast-charging USB ports on the back of Oboo to charge your devices.

Use your Oboo+ on the go. It comes with a built-in 4400mAh Lithium ion battery that can power it for 20* hours of regular use and 8* hours of playing music over Bluetooth. Recharge Oboo overnight for a fresh start the next day.

* Battery life estimates based on tests run on prototype model.

Wireless Charging

Do away with messy cords with the bundled Qi wireless charging pad.

Optional wireless charging receiver module available for bringing wireless charging to older devices:

  • iPhone Lightning Connector – Wireless charge your iPhone 7 or older
  • Micro-USB Connector – wirelessly charge older Android devices

* Wireless Charging Pad sold separately

Reacts to the Environment

Oboo dims its display when it’s time for bed so you can get the restful sleep that you need.

Hidden inside is an ambient light sensor that monitors the levels of light in the room, allowing Oboo to know when the display needs to shine bright to be readable and when it needs to be dim to not impact your sleep.

Automatic Time Adjustment

Never forget to fall backward or spring forward for daylight savings time again. Oboo uses the Network Time Protocol to make sure the time and date are always set correctly.

Oboo uses those same smarts and WiFi based geolocation to automatically update the current time and the time of your alarms when travelling.

Smart Home

Oboo is Amazon Alexa ready so you can tell your Amazon Echo when you would like to wake up and it will update your Oboo.

Oboo is integrated with IFTTT. Use any of your alarms as a This trigger to make your Smart Home work around your life.

And finally, Oboo is integrated with Google Home. Tell your Google Home to set an alarm and Oboo will be updated.

Running the show inside every Oboo Smart Clock is our Omega2 IoT computer. The Omega2 is designed to be the brain of IoT devices; providing wireless connectivity and intelligence in a small and power efficient package.

The Omega platform was created as a tool to enable the development of connected hardware devices, and we want to not only create a useful IoT device, but also show how the Omega2 streamlines and simplifies product design, implementation, and manufacturing.

Orders before April 2018 Ships June 2018

Orders after April 2018 Ships July 2018

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